I just looked at the stats for our Indiegogo campaign fundraiser for the Dorothy documentary. In 25 days, since Sept 13, there have been 36 separate contributions, for a total of $2,785 – and… this is the best part… ONLY 5 days when NO ONE donated.

Isn’t that incredible?! Each of the 20 days, someone out there sat down and thought, “I want to support this project and help get this film made,” and then picked a perk and gave out of their hard-earned money.

Campaign update week 4

To me, that’s a miracle. Maybe from where you’re sitting, you look at this campaign and think, “They are so far from their goal! What are they thinking? Almost $7,000 to go and only 3 weeks left? What can she be happy about?”

But let me tell you, from where I sit, this is an amazing thing that’s happening, and I am deeply thankful for each and every person who has stepped forward to give.

Because it’s not about how much is raised. Really.


Although my credit card company will tell you differently – that it’s very MUCH about how much we raise – I can’t this of this project in terms of dollar amounts.

I think of it in terms of how many people have been moved by Dorothy‘s story. Because that’s why I got on board. Not because this was going to be a great commercial enterprise. Not because I wanted to make a film that would bring in tons of money (otherwise I would have made it a reality series, with Tony Grove throwing mallets around the shop or something, and not an actual, quality documentary, which promises to make no money whatsoever.) Not because I knew a lot about boats or I was a die-hard sailor or I just love sawdust or boat shops or whatever.

Nope. I did it simply because Dorothy captured my heart, with her quiet elegance, her sublime design, and her pedigreed planks. She is simply beautiful, she is a living piece of history and she deserves centre stage. 

So for me, success would be that more and more people get interested and invested in this story every day, and want to see this film made. Raising funds is elementary. Raising community is much more exciting.

We will get there, no question.

Will you be aboard with us?

In faith and lots of gratitude, this (Canadian) Thanksgiving, Tobi

PS. I just found out via Facebook that an update on Dorothy‘s restoration is going to be featured in the “Currents” Section of Wooden Boat Magazine’s upcoming Nov/Dec Issue. Now, talk about exciting community!


  • Boy you are the best marketer! You took what might have been cause for concern (only $2785 raised) and turned it around into a good news story. And then subtlety shifted it all to something that encourages people to contribute. I’m going to go right now to your Indiegogo site and contribute (can’t contribute much but, as you say, it’s not about how muchŠŠ..truly)! 🙂

    Wendy Bancroft (Kate’s old teammate)

    From: between wood and water Reply-To: between wood and water Date: Wednesday, 9 October, 2013 2:44 PM To: Wendy Bancroft Subject: [New post] The campaign of a lifetime

    > WordPress.com > dorothysails posted: “I just looked at the stats for our Indiegogo campaign > fundraiser for the Dorothy documentary. In 25 days, since Sept 13, there have > been 36 separate contributions, for a total of $2,785 – and… this is the > best part… ONLY 5 days when NO ONE donated. ” >

    • dorothysails says:

      Ha ha! It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?
      Welcome aboard, love! And thank you for pitching in. And for voicing your reason why. Very encouraging 🙂

  • Judith Madsen says:

    Oh yes the. Question is can you come up to shoot the video on just a regular camera and it would pretty much would lose the afternoon it’s from 1 to 330 for my demo.

    Cheers-Sent from my iPhone http://www.judithmadsen.com 250-247-9045


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