Work is again progressing on Dorothy, even as we run this campaign to fund the documentary.

This week, Tony has picked up chisel and mallet (and all those other tools specific to boatbuilding that I can’t name here) to begin picking out the seams in earnest. He’s glad to get back to work on Dorothy again – and I must say, that after all the different skill sets I’ve had to pick up to run this kind of funding campaign, it’s frankly nice to pick up the camera again. I am, after all, a storyteller more than a campaigner!

Yesterday, Tony got to remove a big patch on Dorothy‘s starboard side to see what lay below. It was above the waterline and such an obvious repair that it stuck out like a sore thumb in every shoot we did. It was interesting to see what happened to the cotton and oakum caulking under that patch, relative to the still-intact caulking in the rest of her planks. Imagine – a twisted line of oakum and cotton with linseed oil pounded into these seams… lasting 116 years! It’s remarkable.

But we can’t tell you here, you’ll have to wait for the documentary!

Our fundraising campaign to be able to keep shooting this documentary is still on. We have raised $2,115 so far – yay! – but it’s only 20% of our goal and we have 27 days to go! We need AT LEAST $10,000 to be able to continue into this winter and next summer, when Dorothy is re-launched in Victoria in summer 2014 to sail again. Please help us spread the word about this important historical documentary – and the story of the most beautiful boat on the west coast!

Also don’t forget tomorrow is VIDEO FRIDAY, when we reveal a short clip from featuring either Tobi Elliott with a campaign update, or some footage from the film. Tune into this channel ( to watch previous videos and to find out what’s on.

So please pass the word around, share on your Facebook and blogs about the campaign. It’s really easy to donate at the site: and it will help us hugely! Thank you!

 For now. I’ll let some of the images from yesterday’s shoot take it away:

And… additional bonus, can anyone tell us the name of this traditional tool (or technique) used exclusively by boatbuilders? Email dorothysails [at] gmail [dot] com and your name will be entered in a draw for a prize at the end of the campaign!

Mystery thing pounded into rubrail holes-Sshot Oct 2-2013




  • Judith Madsen says:

    Tobi I haven’t forgotten but after our discussions I can’t think what would work to give you the best bang for my effort. It would be easier to give money. Unless you can think of a better marketing idea. That thought of and still willing. I was thinking you should approach the lions asking for a grant. I don’t know if they would. And they would not want recognition. But it is a cool BC thing and here on Gabe. What about Shelagh Rogers. CBC. She and Charlie Cheffins pres of the PHC live here. what about the power squadron? They are very active and Dr Don Butt is a very thoughtful person, artistic and also a lion. He might support you. What about the sask group that have a BBQ they obviously moved here because they were landlocked and maybe as a group they would make a donation to affirm their embracing the sea. What about a copper gardening label gift to each donor of over $25 (?$) with their email on it & amount. And aatching one that goes into a nice captains box that lives on the boat. Mike gets them they are neat thin copper tags for plants with a grommet hole at one end. You need a coat of varnish to keep them shiny. For mikes 50th bd I suggested everyone give him a post for his garden with a copper tag ( something written by them) was mailed out ahead of time to the invitees. You could do this with planks? Caulking? Etc Just sitting here free fall thinking. Got to get up now.

    Cheers-Sent from my iPhone 250-247-9045


  • Judith Madsen says:

    Hi Tobi Me again. I just watched the great video of how to donate. The second one I think with you on it. So dorothy was RVYC ???? Hey. Have you hit them up? You need to go to a meeting and show them all these clips in one showing. Don butt is also RVYC. He has had a Boat. They can raise finds with the copper tags! Maybe they could have a donor wall with some of those photos and the copper tags they can write name on with pen and amount. Maybe the mast could be the thermeter. A thermometer gauge is imp for people to visually GET the the distance to go and how far they have gone. You need to mark the theometers with the way points. Cheers judith With only 566 viewers could you send out press releases with info how to be on your blog to all the sailing organizations and clubs in BC (heck canada!!) and to all power squadrons. If you phone the main library you can pay a all fee to get all sailing or boating listings, addresses, telephone nos, emails size of club. I’ve forgotten the resource centre name or area but I’ve used it to pull out all vet clinics earnings over $200 thou to do a mail out for pet card usage. Cheers-Sent from my iPhone 250-247-9045


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